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iPhone 7+ Plus Cases

This collection of Case-Mate iPhone 7+ Plus cases is our most protective, and stylish, to date. Created with the highest quality materials and backed with a lifetime warranty, these iPhone 7+ Plus covers are designed to both take the spotlight and take a beating.

Several cases have been developed specifically with the iPhone 7+ Plus in mind including Brilliance Lace, Mother of Pearl, Tough Mag, Iridescent Cage and more. These collections have been designed specifically with the iPhone 7+ Plus in mind and feature elements specifically created to adapt to the newest Apple phone. For example, the larger hole for the newly redesigned camera ensures the case will not impede on any shot. Aside from being our most stylish collection to date, these iPhone 7+ Plus cases from Case-Mate have undergone extensive testing in order to guarantee they are our most protective covers yet. For the first time ever, every case on our website comes backed with a lifetime warranty to ensure the product you are receiving will continue to maintain it’s integrity throughout the time you keep your phone.

Many of the cases in this collection have undergone necessary testing in order to be called “military grade”. In order to be considered military tough, smartphone cases must pass the MIL-STD-810G drop test standard which involves dropping the case 26 separate times without damaging the case itself or the cell phone within.

The best news about iPhone 7+ Plus Cases is that they will fit the iPhone 6+/6S+ Plus! Unfortunately, the opposite does not hold true meaning iPhone 7+ Plus phones will not fit in the 6+/6S+ Plus case due to the wider camera hole needed to accommodate the latest Apple phone.

With this in mind, Case-Mate decided to include the headphone jack opening into every iPhone 7+ Plus cover in order to accommodate anyone choosing to use them for their iPhone 6+ Plus or iPhone 6S+ Plus.