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iPhone 7 Cases

Case-Mate has developed several new designs created specifically for the Apple iPhone 7 and continue to evolve this collection to bring you the latest styles. In fact, many of these styles have debuted specifically with the iPhone 7 in mind and feature elements specifically created to adapt to the newest Apple phone. The larger camera hole, for example, allows room for Apple’s superior camera that is featured on this model.

Style wise, there are seemingly endless opportunities to find the perfect case that reflects your individual style. The Iridescent Naked Tough, for example, provides the sleek and classic nature of the Naked Tough, but with a trendsetting iridescent sheen. Our other best seller, the waterfall case, combines a protective outer shell with a dynamic snowglobe effect to make your case eye-catching and shock absorbing! And, of course, who could leave out our Selfie case. Designed to make every selfie Insta-worthy, we implemented all the tools needed for a picture perfect photo and wrapped them in a stylish package.

Aside from beauty, our collection of 7 cases have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they are the most protective cases yet. For the first time ever, the majority of our cell phone covers come with a lifetime warranty and every product we sell comes equipped with a one-year warranty. This ensures that the product you are receiving will continue to last throughout the duration of your phone’s life.

Many of the cases in this collection have met the proper qualifications to be labeled as military grade. In order to be labeled military tough, smartphone cases must pass the MIL-STD-810G drop test standard which involves the case being dropped 26 different times all while maintaining the integrity of the phone.

The best news about iPhone 7 Cases is that they will fit the iPhone 6/6S! Unfortunately, the reversal is not true and iPhone 7 phones will not fit in the 6/6s case due to the improved camera being too big for the 6/6S camera hole. With this in mind, Case-Mate chose to include the headphone jack opening in the iPhone 7 covers in order to accommodate the 6/6s phones that may use these new cases.