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iPhone 6/6S Plus Cases

Looking for a stylish and protective phone case? Shop iPhone 6+/6S+ Plus cases and mobile accessories from Case-Mate for the ultimate fashion forward smartphone addition. From the original clear Naked Tough case to the cascading sparkle of the Waterfall, Case-Mate has an Apple iPhone 6+ Plus and 6S+ Plus covers for everyone.

What style best represents you? If sparkle and shine is more your style, the Brilliance, Karat, Waterfall and Champagne Sheer Glam cases all give an air of opulence. If you prefer the sleek simplicity of the phone itself, protect it with the Naked Tough and Barely There cases. Those covers are designed to keep your phone safe without adding extra bulk.

You won’t have to worry about what happens if your case is damaged by the bumps and knocks of life. Because of the enlarged camera hole, the iPhone 7+ Plus phone case will fit the iPhone 6+ Plus and iPhone 6S+ Plus. With that in mind, the iPhone 6+ Plus and iPhone 6S+ Plus cases do not fit the iPhone 7+ Plus.