Case-Mate Tough Naked Case iPhone 6/6S Plus

Posted by Marcel Key on 11th Dec 2015

The two-piece design of the Case-Mate Naked Tough iPhone 6/6S Plus - Clear/Clear case offers impact resistance and shock dispersion. It has a shock-absorbing flexible bumper that provides a secure fit and sleek colour contrast for your handset. The lay-flat bezel protects your screen from directly contacting surfaces. This case features metal button accents and anti- scratch coating. This clearly protective, dual-layered case for iPhone 6/6S Plus offers a smooth transparent finish and ultra slim design. Its lightweight, minimalist design delivers a stylish profile, while the impact resistant hard shell and coordinating bumper protects against impacts and falls. Metallic chrome buttons accent and complete the polished look of your device.


Featuring ultra slim, dual-layer design with protective bumper, enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion, transparent smooth finish with anti-scratch technology, metal button accents for a refined finish.

Everyone love how easy it is to install, and just how good it looks. Sleek, slim, and best of all a neutral look so you never get bored of it and not over the top or too fancy, yet just right!
It is strong, durable and best of all doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. The plastic is thick and hard, yet extremely lightweight and doesn't make the phone feel heavy or bulky. Smart and well-fitting case that doesn't hide the phone's form factor and shows off the back cover with the case being transparent.

This case with a glass screen protector is the perfect solution to someone that wants to be minimalist but also have protection. If you really like to see your phone, we will suggest you choose the "clear" option though. The "smoke" option here doesn't hide the phone, but it is dark enough to make a difference. The headphone jack port is easily usable and presents no problem for connecting and disconnecting. The back of the case makes it so that the camera on the back doesn't "stick out" anymore. Meaning that when you set your phone down with this case on it, your phone is entirely resting on the case and isn't resting on the camera lens.

A superb case very slim and light offers full protection and shows off the phone. You won't be disappointed.

If you wanted something that looked stylish without being over the top, but it had it to be tough as well, you must have this case, because it's tough enough to sustain the odd drop.

It’s available in 1 color : Clear/Clear

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