Case-Mate Tough Air Case iPhone 6/6S Plus

Posted by Marcel Key on 11th Dec 2015

Tough Air sports an advanced unibody design with a unique 3D pattern that creates shock-absorbing air channels for enhanced shock dispersion - Case-Mate Tough Air Case iPhone 6/6S Plus. The color-contrasting internal frame provides further integrity and resilience. Tough Air is accented with metal buttons, completing this modern design. Plus the features like ultra slim, co-molded unibody design, metal button accents for a refined finish.

One of fantastic case. The bottom cut-outs don't exactly fit and does have grip. It is a harder silicone-type material that is somewhat grippy, which is appreciated. By the nature of the material, affords some grip. The buttons are nice looking and very responsive.


This case is made of a firm but flexible plastic. It fits very snugly around the phone and feels good in the hand. The case doesn't add too much thickness to the phone but seems like it offers sufficient protection against normal drops and scuffs. On the front of the phone, the edges of the case extend slightly upward, like a bumper case would. This keeps the screen safe when you set the phone face-down on a hard surface. Many people also like the black accents around the side of the phone. The case's volume and lock buttons are nice and work well.

Before you open the packaging it looks like a quick replacement or a case you buy for average protection until you find one that catches your eye. Instead of just making due, excellent protection too. Paired with the tempered glass it keeps your phone safe in danger-prone your hands.

Why people like it? Because this phone doesn't stick to your pocket so easy to put away and get out, no pocket lint sticks to the case, tougher than most silicon construction cases thanks to the dual layer construction, clear so you can actually see the iPhone through the back, easy access to all ports and switches, easy to put on and remove.

What a beautiful case for your iPhone Plus. One of the best cases that you must have . Dropped it multiple times and no damage to the phone. Feel great fit with all the protection you need.Very attractive where it flatters your phone. Exactly as expected.

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