Case-Mate Slim Tough Case iPhone 6/6S

Posted by Marcel Key on 11th Dec 2015

Designed to offer a sleek and sophisticated silhouette, the Slim Tough case for iPhone 6/6S beautifully blends refinement with enhanced protection - Case-Mate Slim Tough Case iPhone 6/6S. A color-contrasting bumper accompanies a shock-absorbing, flexible interior, with metal buttons accenting and completing this polished, yet protective design. With the features like ultra slim, dual-layered protection with a slim profile, enhanced impact resistance and shock dispersion, and metal button accents for a refined finish, make your iPhone 6/6S more stylish and grip well.

This case is pretty much great and works extremely well. It is a very nice case and also looks amazing on your phone, the gold rim really highlights the phone.It has two pieces, an outer bumper and a TPU-ish inside. The case has had moderate use, some people like to keep their phone in their purse or pocket, no drops.


Many people got this because of its professional looks and elegant color,this case provide a great scratch and light drop protection. It is sturdy, stylish and really protects the phone when its dropped which is great. Good case for a thin phone. Not too bulky and protects a lot like everyone pleased. Stylish and slim did not add bulk. Most people feel that this case was really protected by case-mate tough case, because when someone dropped few times, nothing happen to it. Good company, good case.

Nice and strong, also feels great in the hand. Gives it the grip the iPhone 6 needs desperately and makes the buttons feel more tactile. This case also makes the phone feel bigger of course but the iPhone 6 is perfect size anyway. So, we can say that most people like this case because this case is nice, sturdy, and slim case. The shade of red, however, is really ugly and makes the entire case feel cheap and tacky, even though it's really not. Good case for a thin phone. Not too bulky and protects a lot.

This case makes everyone happy to use it. It has a very nice looking structure and everybody love the color coordination.But other than that a very good product and we would certainly advise all of you to buy it.

It’s available in 1 colors : Black/Gold

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